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Making allowances for the difference in grasping power between peers goes a long way in making the subject acceptable to students. This is one of the advantages offered by online tutoring and math help. Students in all grades can find math help for free online. This is great for students who need a lot of extra help in the subject as they can learn at their own pace. Online tutors take virtual lessons and use interactive whiteboards and other tools to teach. Online tutoring has several advantages over the traditional tutoring centers as it allows students to schedule classes to suit their time table. It follows the principle of learning when you want to learn.

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The internet is making math easy, fun and engaging for students as opposed to the traditional class room teaching which can get tedious for some students. With online math help, free problems and explanations are provided to make topics clear and simple to follow. Online math help is available on scores of websites and students are free to choose the math solvers they are most comfortable with. Free help with math aims at providing students with easy access to math solvers who are comprehensive and available all the time. Students will also find loads of practice questions for math with answers. Solved examples show all the steps involved and provide a guide to how problems need to be answered.

Solved Examples

Question 1: Yash is two year older than his little sister Alia. Taken together, the sum of their ages is 8.
Let age of Alia = x

and age of Yash = x + 2

Because Yash is two years older than Alia

Since Sum of their ages is 8.

=> x + (x + 2) = 8

Solve for x,

=> 2x + 2 = 8

=> 2x = 6

=> x = 3

=> Age of Allia = 3, then age of Yash = 3 + 2 = 5.

Question 2: John has 25 apples and 20 oranges. How many pieces of fruit does he have?
Number of apples he have = 25

Number of oranges = 20

=> Total number of fruit he have = 25 + 20 = 45.

=> John have 25 fruits in total.


Question 3: There are y boys in the class. This is four more than five times the number of girls. How many girls are in the class if total number of students are 34?

Let x be the number of girls

Total number of students = 34

According to the problem:

x + y = 34

=> y = 34 - x             ........................(1)

and 5x + 4 = y       .........................  (2)

Substitute equation (1) in (2)

=> 5x + 4 = 34 - x

=> 6x = 30

=> x = 5, put in (1)

=> y = 34 - 5 = 29

=> Number of girls = 5

and number of boys = 29.