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Solved Examples

Question 1: Add $\frac{8}{3}$ + $\frac{7}{4}$
Step 1:

Common denominator of 3 and 4 is 12

Step 2:
Make the denominator 12 of both the fractions

$\frac{8}{3}$ = $\frac{8 * 4}{3 * 4}$


and $\frac{7}{4}$ = $\frac{7 * 3}{4 * 3}$

= $\frac{21}{12}$

Step 3:

$\frac{32}{12}$ + $\frac{21}{12}$ = $\frac{32 + 21}{12}$

= $\frac{53}{12}$

=> $\frac{8}{3}$ + $\frac{7}{4}$ = $\frac{53}{12}$

Question 2: A ticket to the football game is 5 dollars. How much would 135 tickets cost ?
Cost of one ticket = 5

Cost of 135 tickets = 135 * 5

      1 3 5
        x  5
      6 7 5

=> Cost of 135 tickets is 675 dollars.


Question 3: There are 12 men in the bus. There are 4 times more women in the bus. How many women are there in the bus?
Number of men = 12

4 times more women in the bus,

that is 12 * 4

     1 2
     x 4
     4 8

=> Number of women in bus = 48